February 17, 2023

Windows 10 iot enterprise license cost free. Is Windows 10 IoT enterprise free?

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Windows 10 iot enterprise license cost free.Getting Started with Windows IoT Enterprise

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Windows 10 iot enterprise license cost free.Windows IoT Licensing FAQ


Building a new fixed-purpose device or expanding your fleet? When you develop IoT devices or solutions with Windows IoT operating systems, you need to work with a Microsoft authorized distributor like Bsquare. You can speak directly with a Windows IoT licensing expert or start with these frequently asked questions about licensing. Is there a cost to join the Windows IoT program?

Joining the Windows IoT program is free. What agreements are needed to purchase and distribute Windows IoT and embedded licenses with my products? This non-negotiable agreement is set up via DocuSign. There are no obligations to purchase with the establishment of the agreement. See an infographic about license procurement with Bsquare. The software inside is the same. While all editions of Windows 10 provide the security and management features that customers expect from Microsoft, only Windows 10 IoT Enterprise offers a year support cycle.

With Windows 10 IoT Enterprise, you also get advanced lockdown features, including keyboard and write filter. The software inside is the same here, too. Windows Server IoT is the binary equivalent to Windows Server , with the same robust features and capabilities.

The difference is in usage and licensing. Can IoT or embedded product keys be used with other licensing channels? How do I obtain the software to develop my image? Order COA licenses when you are ready to ship your device to an end customer.

How do I track activations? How does Microsoft know how many activations have occurred? What happens if the product needs to be swapped out? Can I reuse my license? The COA or license is tied to the hardware. It cannot be removed and put on another server. If you try, it will not come off in one piece and the COA will be rendered useless. The license, once purchased and affixed to the device, is associated with the device for its lifetime.

The end user then has 12 months of use of the prior OS before they must migrate to the current operating system. Does Microsoft offer a discounted Windows upgrade product?

The cost for an upgrade license is the same cost as the full license. What is Windows 10 IoT Core? How is it different from Windows 10 IoT Enterprise? Windows 10 IoT Enterprise can run on a wider range of hardware and has more features. Why should I buy from Bsquare? Bsquare has been helping our partners and customers build IoT and embedded systems and devices for more than 25 years. As a software-only distributor of Windows IoT software, we offer best-in-class service, technical support, utility tools, and aggressive pricing.

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