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Multi-board design projects in Altium Designer | PCB Design Blog | Altium.http://replace.me

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This page looks at the multi-board assembly document – the physical representation of printed circuit boards in your system. Read on to learn more about multi-PCB design! a multi-PCB fabrication project using Altium, try our PCB design software free download.

Multi-board design projects in Altium Designer | PCB Design Blog | Altium – Notification


Many products include multiple, interconnected printed circuit boards. Bringing these desivner together inside the enclosure and ensuring they correctly connect to each other is a challenging phase of the product development process.

Have the nets been assigned correctly multiboaard each connector? Are the connectors oriented correctly? Do the plug-in boards fit together? And do all of the connected boards fit into multiboxrd enclosure? A mistake at this late stage of the product development cycle is costly, both for the cost of redesign and the delay to market. Managing this requires a design environment that supports system-level design.

Ideally this will drsigner a design space where you can define both the functional, or logical system, as well as a space where you can plug together the various boards and verify that they connect correctly, both logically and physically. The overall system design is created in Altium Designer as a Dwsigner project. Within that project, the logical system design is drawn up by placing Modules on a Multi-board читать полностью, where each physical board in the system is represented altium designer 17 multiboard free a Module.

Each Module references the PCB project and the board within that project. Once the Modules have been connected to each other on the Multi-board schematic, the board-to-board connectivity can be verified. This altium designer 17 multiboard free detect net-to-pin assignment errors and pin-to-pin interconnection wiring errors. These errors can be resolved and corrections pushed http://replace.me/28114.txt into the affected PCB projects, or bought back up to the source system schematic.

Read about Capturing the Logical System Design. A printed circuit board does not exist in isolation, they посетить страницу источник often assembled together mulyiboard other boards, and that assembly of boards is housed inside a case or enclosure.

Helping to move through this stage of the altium designer 17 multiboard free process, the software supports creating a multiple-board assembly, referred to as a Multi-board assembly. The Multi-board Assembly editor allows the separate boards to be rotated, aligned and plugged into each hola free windows 10. Read about Creating the Physical Multi-board Assembly.

System-level Multi-board Design with Altium Designer. Using Altium Documentation. Now reading altium designer 17 multiboard free Printer-friendly version. Found an issue with this document? Contact Us Contact our corporate or local offices directly.

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This page looks at the multi-board assembly document – the physical representation of printed circuit boards in your system. Read on to learn more about multi-PCB design! a multi-PCB fabrication project using Altium, try our PCB design software free download.


Multi-PCB Design Altium Designer 18 – PDF Free Download


PrjPcb file. Now and then, we design using variants with different stuffing options. It seldom happens that we have a single project that requires multiple PCBs with various stuffing options, but when it happens, a lot of us tend to get stuck.

All too many times, I have seen designers fork i. Generally, this practice would be acceptable except when you need to go back and update the design. How do you handle the exact change across both projects?

How do you guarantee those changes to be identical? How many times will this occur e. This article will review an approach to managing multiple PCB designs within a single project, ensuring your single source of truth. We will also be reviewing the example using the board from my last article, Pandemic Prototyping: Building Electronics from your Living Room. Our objective here is to maintain a single source of truth within the schematics yet be able to route variants of the PCB itself.

In this example, I have created a single schematic but with two PCBs:. You will also notice the variants at the top. I started out routing the Raspberry Pi Zero hat design since the standard size is essentially a larger version of the zero.

There was some minor massaging required altium designer 17 multiboard free. In my schematic, I have included all the components that exist across both designs whether they are stuffed or not :.

The problem, of course, is that adding this to the schematic means it will import into my PCB for my smaller Pi hat board. We also want to add DNI do not install options into our variants as well like so:. Now that we have designed our schematic, routed our boards, and configured the stuffing options, we need to set up our Output Job files. These Output Job files will generate the fabrication and assembly packages needed to build each board with their respective stuffing options.

This is a crucial step that can often get overlooked and cause immense pain down the road when generating a package for the vendor. For simplicity, there is a single Output Job file for both fabrication and assembly which is generally broken out into two separated.

As you can see in Figures 6 and 7, the. For multiple stuffing options, we use the variant options located at the top of the window. We are not interested in generating 10 for free windows dropbox of fabrication and assembly packages for the Raspberry Перейти на источник Zero hat.

The same goes for altium designer 17 multiboard free smaller Raspberry Pi Zero hat. We generate the altium designer 17 multiboard free needed to fabricate and assemble only the board we are interested in. This enables us to have subfolders automatically created based on the variant name. If the variant name changes, so do the folders. There are more ways to condense these Output Job files even further through scripts or other means, but that is out of the scope of this article.

The purpose of this article is to demonstrate how this is possible and provide an example to the reader of one of the many ways to set this up. This article discussed the challenges designers face with managing multiple Altium designer 17 multiboard free driven from a single source of truth.

These configurations enable us to keep multiple PcbDoc files within the project but generate packages for those boards specifically. By utilizing this technique, designers can save time and money by updating a single altium designer 17 multiboard free that deploys to multiple PCBs. Would you like to find out more about how Altium can help you with your next PCB design?

Talk to an expert at Altium and learn more about making design decisions with ease and confidence. Ari is an engineer with broad experience in designing, manufacturing, testing, and integrating electrical, mechanical, and software systems. He is passionate about bringing design, verification, and test engineers together to work as a cohesive unit. Mobile menu. Explore Products. Altium Community. Education Programs. What is Multi-board Design? About Author Ari is an engineer with broad experience in designing, manufacturing, testing, and integrating electrical, mechanical, and software systems.

More content by Ari Mahpour. Recent Articles. Innovative companies are embracing digital transformation at the подробнее на этой странице level. Read Altium designer 17 multiboard free. Most discussions of skew and jitter deal with the type of skew incurred during routing, namely due to length mismatches in differential pairs and altium designer 17 multiboard free weave-induced skew.

In fact, there are many different sources of skew that contribute to total jitter on an interconnect, and it’s important to quantify these in serial and parallel buses that require precise timing control Read Article. Now you can get the data you need to stay ahead of supply chain woes with Spectra, a new suite of data products from Nexar. Supply Chain Resilience gives you actionable supply chain intelligence that can Read Article. Design teams, engineers, procurement teams, and CMs altium designer 17 multiboard free get the supply chain insights they need from this free monthly report.

Subscribe now to get critical supply chain insights, ranging from detailed part Read Article. What is the Impedance of Length-Tuning Structures? Length tuning продолжить чтение is difficult to calculate, but you can minimize the impact of length tuning structure impedance deviations with some simple differential pair design strategies.

As a signal traverses makes its way along an interconnect and into a destination circuit, signals need to travel across these bond wires and pads before they are altium designer 17 multiboard free as a logic state. As you look around the edge of an IC, these bond wires can have different Read Article. Making Codes Tangible Through Electronic Projects In this episode, Bill Kolicoski, the creator of Taste the Code Youtube channel, inspires young electronic designers to start learning through creating.

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